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André Pellerin has over 25 years of expertise in the food service industry. Being a former Marketing and Sales Associate, and a previous restaurant Owner/Operator, André has knowledge from both the Food Establishment and Supplier sides of the business.

Tips for a Successful Mother’s Day at Your Restaurant

With Mother’s Day less than week away, restaurants across the country are gearing up for the most popular day of the year to dine out. Make the most of Mother’s Day at your restaurant by following these simple tips:

Think Beyond Brunch

When it comes to Mother’s Day, brunch is the meal that comes to mind the most. However, only 24% of diners go out for brunch to celebrate Mom’s big day. Dinner is the most popular meal, with 58% of diners opting for a midday meal out, followed by lunch at 32%. Prepare for the lunch and dinner rush by having extra food, supplies, and staff members on hand during the afternoon and evening hours.

Keep It Kid Friendly

66% of people that eat out on Mother’s Day bring their children along. Keeping kids comfortable and entertained is a must, so make sure you have enough highchairs, booster seats, andcrayons available. Consider updating your kids’ menu activity packs to focus on Mom: instead of standard coloring and activity pages, give every child a blank card that they can color and write a special message for Mom while they wait for their meals.

Make It Special

Almost 20% of those who dine out on Mother’s Day think that Mother’s Day specials are important. Provide moms with something different on Mother’s Day by creating special menu items or offering discounts for mothers. Alternatively, show your appreciation by giving a small gift (flower, candy, etc.) to each mother that dines at your restaurant on Mother’s Day.

Don’t Forget About Gift Cards

Nearly 20% of mothers say gift cards are their preferred gift. Bring diners back after the Mother’s Day holiday by offering gift cards. Giving customers a small discount on gift cards the week before mother’s day not only gives them a convenient and affordable last-minute gift option, but can also generate incremental revenue for your business when the gift cards are redeemed by bringing in customers who may not normally dine at your restaurant.

Source: Instawares