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More Guests, Bigger Checks: Make it Happen in 2018 with 5 New Year’s Resolutions

Procrastinated on your New Year’s resolutions? Good! Because these are the only bar and restaurant goals you need for a successful 2018. Each goal includes action items – shown to be effective by the latest stats and studies. Get ready to say “cheers” to your most successful year…ever.

Goal #1 – Increase Check Averages

It’s the holy grail of bar and restaurant goals: bigger checks. These 3 strategies can help increase sales while driving up guest satisfaction – it’s a win-win.

Action: Tune Up Your Playlist
Adjust your playlist by day part as one of your bar and restaurant goals.

Action: Train Your Staff to Upsell
Don’t leave upselling up to chance. Train your servers and bartenders using this free Golden Book of Upselling Secrets. When it comes to bar and restaurant goals, get your entire team on board for maximum results.

Goal #2 – Boost Your Marketing ROI

Marketing takes time and money. Save on both by making “marketing automation” one of your 2018 bar and restaurant goals.

Action: Automate Your Email Marketing
For as low as $10/month, you can use a service like MailChimp to automatically send guests a welcome email when they subscribe to your email list. Or, set a “trigger” to email a coupon on the guest’s birthday. You can even automate your email list buildout with a service like Gazella. Gazella asks for the guest’s email in exchange for use of your free wifi.

Action: Use Digital Signage
All signs point to putting digital signage at the top of your bar and restaurant goals list. Simple software turns your existing TVs into dynamic display ads. With the right digital signage partner, you get free templates – ready to customize with daily specials and upcoming events. You can even set digital ads to automatically rotate by daypart and day.

Goal #3 – Bring In More Customers

Attracting more patrons is one of your 2018 bar and restaurant goals…right? Try these simple crowd-building tactics.

Action: Market to Millennials with Snapchat
If you want to be the “It” spot with millennials, your bar and restaurant goals should include Snapchat. The latest stats from comScore show that over 60% of smartphone users under 34 are on this trendy photo-sharing and messaging app. You can get up and running in about 10 minutes using this Snapchat guide for bars and restaurants.

Action: Host Live Trivia
The answer to slow midweek nights? Live trivia. It’s a must if your bar and restaurant goals are focused on bringing in more guests. Live event is trending everywhere from college bars to neighborhood restaurants. Instead of hiring an (expensive) outside trivia host, you can use Buzztime tablets to host live trivia yourself.

Action: Press Record on Social Videos
Use videos to kickstart your social media bar and restaurant goals. You’ll stick out on Facebook – catching the eyes of new customers. Try Facebook’s free slideshow feature. You pick the title, music, and as many as ten pictures – then Facebook creates a short video. See how to do it, plus check out the latest Facebook DOs and DON’Ts for restaurants.

Goal #4 – Improve Guest Loyalty

Bar and restaurant goals that revolve around loyalty pay off. After all, if you can boost guest retention rates by 5%, you could increase your profitability by 25-95%.

Action: Launch a Loyalty App
Guest loyalty. There’s an app for that! It’s more affordable than ever to build out a loyalty app that guests can download to their smartphone. See the step-by-step guide for designing a restaurant loyalty app – and put it on your 2018 bar and restaurant goals to-do list.

Action: Use EMV-Equipped Restaurant Tablets
Hackers. Identify theft. Stolen credit cards. It’s all top-of-mind for today’s guests – with good reason. Your bar and restaurant goals should focus on easing their fears. One way to do this is by letting guest pay in the most secure way possible: using EMV (“chip” card) readers. With the latest restaurant tablets, guests can order and securely pay on handheld tablets equipped with an EMV card reader. Their credit card never leaves the table, for added peace of mind.

Goal #5 – Rock Your Reputation

It may be a new year, but that one-star Yelp review from November 2017 isn’t going anywhere. Focus some of your 2018 bar and restaurant goals on reputation management.

Action: Stalk Yourself
Yes, we’re serious. Keep tabs on your reputation so you can take action to address any customer complaints or negative press. Here’s how to put these bar and restaurant goals into action:

  • Set up free Google Alerts for your business name
  • Activate “push notifications” to alert you when someone leaves a Facebook review or comment
  • Subscribe to a reputation management service like Review Trackers
  • Monitor your Yelp page on the daily

Action: Respond. To. Every. Single. Review.
Learning how to respond to negative reviews using the 7A Formula should be a priority as far as 2018 bar and restaurant goals go.

Experts recommend responding to all reviews – good and bad – within 24 hours. But it’s never too late to address complaints. In fact, if you offer a great response, 34% will delete their bad review and 33% may add a new, positive review.

The secret to setting bar and restaurant goals is to first focus on the results you want. Then, select the action items that will help you achieve those results. Use this list of bar and restaurant goals to guide you to a most prosperous new year. Cheers to 2018!

Source: Buzztime