Andre Pellerin Receives Unipco Award

May 15, 2017 – Capital Foodservice is proud to announce that Andre Pellerin has been awarded the Tremendous Support award from Unipco. This award shows Andre’s Dedication and Service to Capital Foodservice and our customers.

The 2016 Recognition Award for Tremendous Support is awarded to Andre Pellerin from Capital Foodservice.

2016 was a challenging Year for UNIPCO and its members. It was a year of transition that required a lot of attention from a lot of folks. Managing the switch over of more than 250 members from one distributor to another is definitely no small task. From the onset, Andre showed tremendous commitment to our members. Given the task to lead the efforts for Capital Foodservice, Andre went to great lengths to assure our members were ready. He took a very hands-on role with our New Brunswick members and managed the process for our Nova Scotia members. I’m sure it meant many countless hours and many stressful days. For that, UNIPCO recognizes Andre for his tremendous support in 2016.