Retail Distribution

As a your retail distributor of grocery and household products, Capital Foodservice has proudly served the Maritimes for over 30 years.

Our reputation with our suppliers and customers has stood the test of time, and continues to grow as we expand our service area.

Service is what we do. Our staff strives to ensure your satisfaction. We are the #1 retail distributor in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and will continue to work to maintain that position.

Great Canadian Dollar Store has been doing business with Rolly’s Wholesale, now currently Capital Foodservice for 19 years. The service we have gotten and continue to receive is first rate with any issues that may arrive getting resolved in a timely manner. Our front line contact, Sylvia Ribble is extremely devoted to not only providing outstanding customer service but continues to work hard to obtain fair cost pricing which benefits both sides of the business. With expanding product lines, both our business and theirs continue to grow as we face challenges together.

Ruth Ann Galloway